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Laron Lemon a.k.a Bellator de Lux

Music is the medium I have chosen to share my perception, to express my emotions, and to share my ideas. This medium is how I express the internal universe inside of my mind, that is my soul. The music I create is complex, and cerebral. 

I grew up in the small mining town of Magna, on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah. My parents were middle class people with traditional American Values. The religion of my parents influenced the music they allowed in their home, and so I was exposed to Classical, Baroque, and modern symphonic music, in addition to the LDS (mormon) hymns of their faith.


After leaving their religion I experienced a wide variety of music from many different genres and cultures. The sounds, ideas, and emotions expressed therein, inspired me to create my own music. Due to the wide range of sources and experiences that inspire the music I create you will find yourself lost in soundscapes unlike anything you have ever heard. 

Music Theory, Music Composition, Music Production and Songwriting are subjects I have studied for a little over four years. The understanding and mastering of these subjects will be a lifelong pursuit. I welcome any constructive criticism, or feedback you are willing to provide. 

Feel free to shoot me an email when you want to collaborate. Enjoy your journey. Cheers. 

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